Bone Densitometry


DEXA - X-Ray technology used to measure bone density and diagnose osteoporosis

Advanced low dose x-ray technology is used to measure your bone mineral density and determine if your bone loss is within normal limits, osteoporotic or at risk of developing osteoporosis. 

It will also assess your risk of fractures due to fragile bones and tract the effectiveness of treatment for osteoporosis or conditions causing bone demineralisation.


  • You will be asked to change into a procedure gown.
  • You will be positioned on the procedure table for the various parts the test is conducted over including your spine and hip. Sometimes the forearm may also be scanned when more information is required due to previous surgeries over your spine or hip(s)
  • The machine has an arm that moves over the procedure table to obtain images.
  • Please maintain the position you are placed in.
  • The test usually takes 15-20 minutes
  • The results will be ready within an hour of your completion of the procedure and your doctor will discuss the results with you.


  • You will need a referral note from your doctor for this procedure.
  • You do not require pre-authorisation for this procedure unless it is part of your scheme rules.
  • The account will be submitted to your medical aid, but you remain responsible for any shortfalls or non-payment by the medical aid.
  • Private patients are expected to pay for the procedure on the day of the procedure
  • If you are on calcium supplements, you should not take it for 24 hours leading to the appointment as this may affect the results.
  • You will have to complete a questionnaire relevant to the procedure. Please do so as honestly as possible.
  • Even though the procedure uses low dose radiation, you should not have the procedure if you are pregnant.
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