Medical Aid Patients


Although we assist patients in obtaining authorization from their medical aid, the patient/member is ultimately responsible to obtain the authorization.

Authorization from the medical aid is not a guarantee for payment. Payment is subject to funds available. As accounts are submitted to the medical aid, funding which was available at the time of authorization might be depleted when processing the claim and the account then becomes the responsibility of the patient/member.

Patients remain responsible for any co-payments or balances not settled by the medical aid.

Specialised studies including CT scans, MRI scans, mammograms and bone densitometry studies must be approved by the medical aid prior to the examination being performed.

The medical aids are not open for authorization after hours, during weekends and on public holidays authorization must be done on the next working day. The patient or guardian must accept responsibility for the account before we can proceed with the examination.

We accept most medical aid funds, but should an account be rejected by your medical aid fund you will be personally responsible for the account.

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